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Jsp556's latest activity

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    Jsp556 reacted to wade2big's post in the thread Superpigs with Like Like.
    I will say that if you cut the backstraps out of these pigs to tenderize and fry you won’t be disappointed. Better than deer backstrap...
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    Jsp556 reacted to myronman3's post in the thread Superpigs with Like Like.
    every place i've been that has the "problem hogs" hate hog hunters more than the hogs. must not be that big of a problem then. so...
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    Jsp556 reacted to Mordamer's post in the thread I blew up my rifle! with Like Like.
    List of things that cross my mind: 1. Barrel Obstruction 2. Double Charge 3. Left over powder of a different type dispensed into the...
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    Jsp556 reacted to bigjake83's post in the thread New CHF 5.56 Barrel Defects with Like Like.
    Have you cleaned it yet?