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    Why the 6.5 PRC is Garbage!

    Well, this didn’t disappoint :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
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    Accessories Basement clean out

    I’ll take the Hawkins BDL…pm coming.
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    Precision Rifle Gear RRS 22i…

    One popped up here…for the price, I had to try it for myself. Thank you for the heads up!
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    Precision Rifle Gear RRS 22i…

    That’s something I didn’t know existed…based on you comment that the rrs is more stable, I think I’ll wait until I can find one. Thank you for the information.
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    Precision Rifle Gear RRS 22i…

    That’s one thing I don’t like about the reaper, stupid left handed thread. Watching the video on the RRS page it doesn’t look like they are backwards but that’s would be good to know. Thanks again, Fred.
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    Suppressors Another Suppressor Accuracy Question

    If you have the 30 cal end cap, shoot it with that to see what happens. I have a suppressor that is a 30 cal and cannot shoot one of my 300 Hamrs…the suppressor bore is too tight and it will cause it to shoot horribly. A different suppressor, shoots superbly. Weird but it happens.
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    Precision Rifle Gear RRS 22i…

    Thanks Fred and 021411. Still holding out hope I’ll run across one…I’ve got a reaper rest/manfrotto combo I can use until one pops up. Really like the inverted leg idea, we’ll see…2Vets seem to have almost everything in stock.
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    Precision Rifle Gear RRS 22i…

    Anyone know where there is one in stock? I’ve already got a anvil30 head just need the tripod and coming up empty. I don’t have time to back order one, replacing a reaper rest and got a hunt coming up. Thanks.
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    Defiance Deviant Action Query

    That’s before Defiance accounted for pre-fits and published tenon prints…rarely is a short and long head space measurement the same. If you have both actions with no barrel on them, measure from the recoil lug face to the bolt face...depth micrometer is best. Good luck!
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    SOLD RRS Anvil 30

    I’ll take it…PM headed your way.
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    Reloading Equipment CALL OUT POST. LANCE DARKHORSE

    If this dude does make that sort of money…what’s the odds he pulls a Elon and buys Sniperhide just to kick a few off? :ROFLMAO:
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    Accessories Etcho matic 560 starter combo kit

    I’ll take this…PM coming.
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    SOLD American Rifle Co. Archimedes Action (.473)

    I’ll take back up if something changes…I know long shot but ya never know.
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    Reloading Equipment DFW Retumbo, 338 projectiles, 338LM Brass

    I’ll take the 8 if we can figure out a meet…I’ll send you a PM.
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    SOLD WTS: Bighorn TL3 SA ODG/stainless….

    I’ll take the backup spot if you don’t have one. Thanks, shoot me a PM if it makes it to me…please.