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    SOLD WTT Impact/Foundation Combo .223 Rem PRICE DROP

    Send PM for the whole build if you wanna sell instead of a trade.
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    Cartridge carrying cases for 6GT rounds

    I use a Walsh custom defense ammo carrier for dasher sized and it works great. I have a grey one that I need to sell if you want to pick one up. I like it because it slides into the laptop pouch most bags come with.
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    Lesson-Learned ... Powder Management

    I did this once as well. I use N320 for pistol and H4350 for rifle. well I always load pistol on the Dillon BUT I thought I would load some powder drops with the chargemaster to see how accurate I could make my 9mm ammo. Well a few weeks went buy and I had to load some 6.5 creed with H4350. I...
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    Just received my Vudoo Fluted barrel concerns

    I’d get it coated and just hide them lol
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    Good budget weapon light for 10.5

    That’s where I bought my set up. Put the stream light on a Trex/Arisaka light bar to clear my suppressor. Added a cloud defensive switch and it’s been good to go. If it fails then I might invest into a mod light.
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    New guy North Texas

    Heck yea definitely check out Triple C. Shoot there quite a bit for matches.
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    Good budget weapon light for 10.5

    Stream light Protac with a Cloud Defensive tape switch mount
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    New guy North Texas

    Where in North Texas are you?? I am in Wichita Falls.
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    New guy North Texas

    In that price range the Vortex Razor Gen II 4.5-27 will be an option to seriously consider. they are heavy but I do not think you can get a better scope without jumping up to 3k. you might be able to find a S&B for $2000.
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    Just received my Vudoo Fluted barrel concerns

    It is just a cosmetic flaw but I wouldn’t be happy with that for a premium .22. my Vudoo doesn’t have flutes and the barrel is cerakoted so I wonder if it was coated if you would be able to see any of the flaws.
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    Reloading Equipment 55gr hornady in stock

    They have had them for a bit but also about $100 more then they should be. If you absolutely need them then go ahead.
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    Poll - Charge Weight for 140gr 6.5 Creedmoor w/ H4350

    I ran my 6.5 creed at 42.3 H4350 and got 2830 velocity. It shot really well but barrel didn’t last very long lol. I replaced it before 2k rounds as it was losing velocity and I was having to charge close to 43 grains to get 2780 FPS or so.
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    I wish they would replace my standard brass with the OCD stuff but it isn’t that big of a deal really. I just don’t load them extremely fast. Running a 108 with H4350 at 2980 without any issue.