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    SOLD - Moving Sale! Mystery Box!

    Contents of package will be shared!
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    SOLD - Moving Sale! Mystery Box!

    I’ll take it
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    Springfield XDM 45acp 4.5”

    Springfield XDM 4.5” 45 ACP Pistol with extended mag release and (5) 13 round mags. 2 mags with alloy springer precision base plates and 3 with factory base plates. $650 Shipped
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    This won't last long at $850+shipping
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    KRG W3 Gen 6 Folder $1,150 Shipped

    Factory folder is 4.1lbs and Full setup as seen is 5.2lbs. With Spigot and NV Bridge it’ll accommodate a barrel down to 13.5” length .
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    Hill People Kit Bag