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    TriggerTech Diamond AR10 vs AR15

    id say around 5-600... which i know of a couple more running them also.. one started getting some double taps.. when he call trigger tech they replaced it & the replacement was the AR10 model..
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    TriggerTech Diamond AR10 vs AR15

    i have one in a blackrain 6.5 creedmoor... they didnt have the AR10 out at the time i put it in... no issues... with it so far..
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    Maggie’s Tool box help

    might not go hardly as far as to say nice as snap-on... but i have a couple of their roll carts.. really nice especially for the money
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    Anyone receive one of Scar's 457 triggers

    Got mine last week… after a little adjustment to take out some travel … it’s GREAT… couldn’t be more happy..
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    The weirdest rifle I have ever owned.

    had a freind that set several records in the old br-50 matches i think its was called .. he said all his guns was different.. had some if he cleaned he might as well shoot 10- 25 shots up in the air... before it would settle in .. then might could shoot 200 rounds before it would start to open...
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    Ranging Device Past 1,000 yards?

    I’d be letting sig see if they couldn’t help it..!!! 😜
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    Ivey Adjustable base with Sightron SIII 10-50 on 6.5 CM

    freind has an ivey.. it seems to work well ... used it to 2800 yrds so far... i've been looking for one of the nightforce prisms in 100 moa.. thought i would take that approach.. ??
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    Anyone receive one of Scar's 457 triggers

    Not sure exact date …pretty much a year ago .. I’d say 10-11 months ago …
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    Ranging Device Past 1,000 yards?

    sig has released a kilo 5000... i have the 3000 binos & love them ... but your 2000 should be doing better than that..?
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    Anyone receive one of Scar's 457 triggers

    got my invoice & tracking # yesterday... :)(y)
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    My employer mandated the vaccine. Anyone else?

    some of my x co workers (im retired) called last week.. said ncdot was requiring vax or be tested each week & wear a mask all the time.. several have said they will not .. couple are within reach of retirement so they can walk.. but some have 16-23 years in.. i would really hate to see them walk...
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    Reloading Equipment ~2kpcs of 40 S&W brass

    still have them ???
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    Anyone receive one of Scar's 457 triggers

    im on the list also... last word i got (may 29) .. he was finishing up a batch of 200 ..and would start filling orders late june or early july.. i was like 105 in line.. hoping to hear something any day...
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    Accessories Bo Galloway fundraiser-PLEASE READ

    Have a new Galati Gear shooting mat I’d like to donate … also have a replica skull in multi cam (wife hates) … your choice $75 And I’ll cover the shipping… payment to I’ll ship when buyers are confirmed…
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    We've updated the site!

    508... couple times tonight or this morning..