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    Kelbly Atlas Barreled Action

    Pm sent again
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    Garage Sale!!!!

    Pic of fat bag to Please
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    Left handed Rem700 6CM SinArms built

    Is this still available?
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    ***09/19/20 - Updated*** Offloading once fired brass

    Sending money for 2k processed 9mm
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    PTG 1 piece remington 700 bolt

    I’ll for sure take pictures
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    SOLD. KRG Bravo LH SA

    Dude, heck ya
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    SOLD. KRG Bravo LH SA

    Crazy question, but I would love to get one of the printed thumb rest for my bravo. Who made it for you?
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    Complete 6mm Fat Rat Upper

    Like setup, what is parent case? Standard mags