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    Feedback Issues @mr.quick

    It seems like you’re insinuating something here. I think that’s a very fair offer. I take it as the seller doesn’t care enough about fifty bucks to sit on the phone with dumb fucks from the postal service. It’s not like he said no I’m not refunding you.
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    HCQ+Zinc+Z-pak now recommended for early Covid-19 treatment

    Dr Mark Gordon was talking about this on Rogan. Hqc is only an ionophore and is needed with zinc to help combat c19. You can use substitutes such as quercitin or green tea extract (egcg). But taking just hqc or zinc alone won’t help since the zinc can’t penetrate the cell. He also said most...
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    Load issue

    I’m leaning towards it being cold welded. I remember that batch I had wet tumbled longer than I usually do. I’m thinking it took off all of the carbon on the inside of the necks. I’m going to load up more for a match this weekend without changing my loading practice and see what I come up with.
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    Load issue

    Can you expand on this please?
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    Load issue

    I didn’t change any of my reloading practices. It normally shoots right around 2850-60. This weekend it was shooting 2950ish. My sd/es didn’t change much over the 10 rounds I chrono on a lab radar. I’m just so confused why this is happening out of nowhere.
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    Load issue

    I forgot to mention that I did check for a carbon ring and it’s clean.
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    Load issue

    First time I’ve had an issue with my load this past weekend. Load jumped up a solid 100 FPS. I thought it could be a different lot of powder but that seems excessive. The rounds have been sitting for a couple months, so idk if that makes a difference or not. I’ve read somewhere that it could be...
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    Night Vision PSA: Elite Unlocked Aiming Solutions & Art Of Concealment present: CHARITY BY DESIGN Episode 1

    I’d get one but I don’t fuck with LV or gucci. That’s for the poors. Hermès or bust.
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    Reloading Equipment WTB Peterson 6.5 SRP

    Yes I am. Send you a pm now.
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    How do you like rl16? Are you maxing out at 33gn?
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    @Dthomas3523 are there any issues one needs to know about before jumping into this cartridge? I’ve heard pressure issues but I’m not sure if it’s good info or not.
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    Emotions are high...let's not assassinate Ferdinand again

    The real question is how the hell do you hunt over 270,000 big game animals?
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    After the 20th, adjusting the ugliness on here

    I say start it now. The gun community needs to get focused on what’s gonna come down the pipeline. We will be attacked and potentially ca gun laws for the nation.