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    I need h4350 and a couple k cci 450s.
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    Accessories WTB: Hawk Hill atlas spike feet

    Looking for a set of the Hawk Hill Atlas bipod spiked feet.
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    Reloading Equipment WTB: .265 bushing

    Looking to buy a .265 bushing. Steel or Ti. Redding or Wilson only.
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    Accessories TAB Gear, Mitutoyo, BoreTech

    That would have been fine. I guess they sold?
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    Accessories TAB Gear, Mitutoyo, BoreTech

    Sorry meant inspection certificate. If the numbers match I'll take them.
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    Accessories TAB Gear, Mitutoyo, BoreTech

    Do you have the certificate of authenticity or calibration to match up the serial numbers?
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    Accessories Blackhawk pouch

    I'll take the bipod.
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    Accessories Blackhawk pouch

    PM sent
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    Optics FS: Nightforce 4-16 Moar

    Thanks...already got 1
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    Optics Keeping Vortex Vulture 15x56 binos

    15x56 vortex vulture binos. Good shape, no lens scratches. Used them for spotting at matches. $300 shipped.
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    Optics Keeping: Sig kilo 2200 lrf w/ sig mount

    Bnib Sig kilo 2200 laser rangefinder. Been outside to my range 2-3 times. Sig mount for tripod with arca rail adapter. $325 shipped.
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    SOLD WTB 15x or 18x Binos

    I've got a pair of vortex vultures I would let go. 15x56, used not abused.