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    Group Buys Prime Ammo Group Buy #2

    I’m glad I checked back into this thread...I didn’t see the email from Prime about the 4 options for replacement ammo from the last group buy. I decided to go with #3, replace the 130 grain with the the 144 grain. I just hope they carry this ammo going forward. I’d hate to find out my rifles...
  2. Langford

    Rifle Scopes SPUHR hunting mounts?

    I have one, it’s a solid setup...light weight, looks great and has their leveling wedge which I love. I’ve had seekins rings in the past and never had issues with those either...I just prefer one piece mounts vs separate rings. As for 20moa base vs 20moa rings...on my rifles with detachable...
  3. Langford

    Group Buys Prime Ammo Group Buy #2

    Looks like there is a decent amount of interest, and due to the current ammo shortages everywhere...I’m willing to bet most people would buy more now given the chance than they would during normal times. So what’s needed to make this happen Somebody from prime need to be contacted?
  4. Langford

    Group Buys Prime Ammo Group Buy #2

    Haven’t got anything from the last group buy yet, but I’d be in for another case of 6.5, and also 223 if that’s an option.
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    The AR15 Picture Thread

    New coyote hammer finished, except for a thermal clip on. KAC receivers XLR stock SLR handguard 16” Bartlein tactical barrel from CLE TT diamond trigger FCD BCG and a bunch of their lower parts Modlite OKW 18650 mounted on a Modbutton w/lightwing. NF nx8 2.5-20 mil-xt scope in a Spuhr mount
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    Rifle Scopes Which dual purpose hunting/target scope

    1k makes it a little challenging, but if you have a little wiggle room...I’d keep an eye out for a used Razor AMG.
  7. Langford

    Favorite Carbon Fiber AR Handguard?

    Yep, XLR bag rider, it works excellent. The only thing I didn’t like about the Smoke stock was how it performed on a bag. This cured that 100%.
  8. Langford

    Group Buys Prime Ammo Group Buy #2

    When we’re all is these orders that are being received placed? Was this for the group but that just recently ended?
  9. Langford

    Favorite Carbon Fiber AR Handguard?

    I swapped from lancer to Smoke Composites, much lighter and better looking IMO.
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    Accessories New 22” Bartlein 223 AR barrel from Compass Lake Engineering

    New barrel arrived last week, let’s get this one re-homed.
  11. Langford

    Optics Ultimate hunting scope, Swarovski z8i 2.3-18x56

    Yeah, just waiting on a Sig Cross to throw it on.
  12. Langford

    New Sig CROSS

    Check Bass Pro stores also, since they bought out Cabelas...they carry a lot of the same products. They still have the cross listed on their Website.