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    New DEFY Atlas and Magpul Bipod Lock Upgrades - Ratchet Lock and LockDown Levers - BLACK FRIDAY DISCOUNT

    Ordered a PSR Lever, thanks for the code. Arca rails look nice too.
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    HK VP9L

    I sold my long slide kit, didn’t think it shot any better. My VP9 wears night sights and a light for home defense. I have a suppressed G17 with a red dot as a range toy. The long slide kit for the VP9 was really HK cool (as Shit!) but not worth having that much money invested in for me.
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    Best powder for pushing 70gr plus .556/.223 .bullets at max velocity

    Ramshot Tac is a good one for heavier bullets. Less temp stable than Varget, but higher velocities
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    Talk me into or out of an auto trickler v3

    Yes, it works really well. I shoot a lot of 6.5G 8208 loads, finer powders are even easier to meter accurately.
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    Atlas V8 or PSR

    The knob on the PSR tightens/loosens the pan and cant together. the pan is only useful for engaging moving targets within a few degrees, but tends to torque the bipod sideways under recoil. The CAL is always perpendicular to the bore, and can have the resistance set so that it can be torqued to...
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    Atlas V8 or PSR

    I’ve had all of the Atlas bipods. The Cal is well worth saving for, over the PSR.
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    Youtubers to watch

    Larry Vickers
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    Youtubers to watch

    Forgotten Weapons 9 Hole Reviews In Range TV
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    Rifle build by Mile high shooting?

    I’ve had them shorten/thread an AIAT barrel, and rebarrel a pre 2014 AIAX 338LM to 300NM. They are top notch, call them, I think the move to the new building is complete.
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    LOUD Autotrickler V2

    Area 419 aluminum base.
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    10/14 Cameron Peak Fire

    Friday afternoon and evening.
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    AR500 target gong thickness

    Even 3/8” you aren’t going to put a hole through it, and maybe not even dent it with hunting or target bullets at that distance. Also its a $20-30 plate tops, hang it, and smack it. You will spend way more money in ammo than the plate costs. I’ve got some 3/8” plates shot hard with 308 and 556...
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    10/14 Cameron Peak Fire

    Mid afternoon
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    10/14 Cameron Peak Fire

    Seen from Estes Park, the wind is whipping it from the west. Picture is taken facing due north.