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    Popped hot for COVID - AMA

    Here's some unsolicited advice from someone who took the COVID+ ride in Dec: - Go out today and buy yourself an oximeter. These can be purchased online or any CVS. Find your baseline 02 reading and check this several times a day. If it drops below 92-90, go straight to the ER. - Expect to see...
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    Maggie’s Horizontal Offset Smoker Replacement?

    Call Ben Lang and order one of these. He's about 3-4mos out on delivery, so that'll give you some time to prepare for the expense. Make sure you have access to enough wood to feed it.
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    Looking to Move South

    Greenville, SC is full. I hear that Asheville is very nice though.
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    Ammo supply improving in my area (SC)

    Is that the PSA Greenville store?
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    Socks for cowboy boots

    These answer the mail for me:
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    K-Bars Ultralight self defense blade for female runner

    I used to run with one of these. You run holding the "ball" of the club in one hand, and the shaft aligns with your arm. Surprisingly light and easy to move with... almost like the Masai in Kenya who've been running constantly for the last 3,000yrs were onto something. When needed, you simply...
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    Maggie’s Need Help w/ Electric Smoker

    Step one: Watch this video series. Step two: Thank me.
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    Anyone's doc not sold on the COVID vaccine?

    Got COVID in mid-Dec. Took a few days to shake off, and got back to normal after a little over a week. I'm 44 and otherwise healthy, for reference. Risk vs. Reward. I know the risk now, and antibodies or not, it's not worth the uncertainty of a vaccine for a "known".
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    Lightweight hunting build

    That's funny, I was strongly considering the Kahles 318i for this build as well. Ultimately, it was the below thread that persuaded me to the S&B due to the Kahles limited FOV. It just didn't seem right sacrificing FOV on a rifle who's primary use is hunting. Good luck on your decisions...
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    Lightweight hunting build

    I've posted this in other threads, but here's a recent build I put together with almost exactly your stated intent. Without bipod and scope it's right at 7lbs. Yes, I know I put a damn 2lb scope on a lightweight rifle... every man has his weaknesses. Stock - Manners MCS-TA w/ mini-chassis...
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    Show me your McMillan a6 and a5

    If memory serves, I split it 33% Olive / 33% Tan / 34% Light Tan. It was at Diana at McMillan's suggestion from her personal rifle, and she's since passed away.
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    Show me your McMillan a6 and a5

    A5 on the bottom.
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    2 Camping/Tent Questions. Need Help Please!

    If you want floorless and good ventilation, go with the Kifaru Sawtooth. You can even put a stove in it, and stand up while you get dressed. Just use a tarp with it as a ground covering. There is a learning curve on these things, so set it up at least twice before trying in the field. If you...
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    Nashville Explosion, intentional

    Story is from June, but it's still relevant.
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    Dan Post, Tecovas and Luchese???

    I went through this earlier this year, and now own two pairs of Lucchese. It was a good move, although I admittedly got lucky and ordered boots that naturally fit me well. As to proper fit, review the material on Lucchese's website carefully regarding ideal heel slip and forefoot feel, and...