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    Airforce m4 firing empty brass not photoshopped

    https://www.thetruthaboutguns.com/2018/10/jeremy-s/air-force-m4-carbines-fire-empty-brass/ That is a very lucky camera shot.
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    Stupid door thieves

    So I ordered some loctite 272 since I have no idea where to get it locally. Replacing my rainier arms compensator with a Tbac CB flash hider. It got delivered today at 1220. By the time I got home at 205 it was already gone. [ATTACH...
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    Tucker301 and Veer_g

    This place isn't the same with them not here. They sure know to lay the snack down here that has been lacking for a bit. Come back soon. -Sincerely, The Bear Pit lurkers
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    Proofs that English is a bonkers language

    I've been collecting some of these for a while. Post your favorite proof of the English language being weird, hard, or hilarious examples of messing English up royally. Will also welcome proofs that other languages are bonkers as well...
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    Accidents happen

    Warning graphic content. Last Thursday January 31st I was at work using a palm router to rout out foam for shadowboxing purposes. While reaching up to turn it off and laying it down, it slipped and my left thumb went into the spinning router bit...