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    Optics FS: EOTECHs for Sale: Vudu Scope, Holographic Sights, Magnifier

    I will take the Tan EXPS. Sending PM.
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    SOLD WTS 6.5 Bullets

    I will take the 130’s
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    SOLD KRG Heavy bag rider and QD flush cup

    Still available?
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    This made me LOL. Come inside for some real football stuff.

    Enjoyed watching him play for Bayern and for the Dutch in the World Cup. Favorite line I ever heard about Robben was from JP Dellacamera: “His left foot is magical but his right foot is made of chocolate.”
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    Single barrel whiskey is a scam. Fight me.

    You may not be implying this, but Booker’s is batched. It’s not a single barrel.
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    Single barrel whiskey is a scam. Fight me.

    Might be a long shot, but 15yr Doc Swinson’s and Old Carter are in that price range and would be a nice snag for your friend. Else, a Four Gate or Kentucky Owl would be great also.
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    Single barrel whiskey is a scam. Fight me.

    True, single barrels of the same product are often vastly different. That’s often the fun of it; finding a store or a group that does their own pick, assuming you get to try it ahead of purchase, can yield a very tasty pour. In the bourbon world, single barrels are not smaller in size, however.
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    Spotters Post your Spotting scope images!

    Swarovski 15x56 bino’s taken with an iPhone. Sedona AZ Bridge at Grand Canyon. Over two miles from where I stood.
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    Nashville Explosion, intentional

    Link for updates about outages :
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    Maggie’s Turkey Hot, Turkey Cold, Turkey 7 days in a row????? Recipe to use on the old bird

    Add two ounces of Wild Turkey 101 and you are done. Wife has Covid so that’s what I’m doing.
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    NEW From Zermatt Arms - RimX Actions

    I’ll chime in as well. Got my BA w/ Bartlein from Keystone and been using it with a Tubb T7T. With Center X and SK, initially got almost 50% light strikes. Spoke with Ray and he sent a new fire control group. Since then, about 120 rounds and far fewer light strikes; five, if memory serves...
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    Anyone run Quickload using Parallels on a Mac?

    Did a while back on a 2010 MacBook. Partition for Windows Boot Camp worked fine and QL was the only application I used. Worked fine.