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    Rifle Scopes Saw this steal on Leupold MK 5

    Good deal. Must be NF that I was thinking that is capped windage on some of their atacr models
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    Rifle Scopes Leupold HTMR reticle anyone using?

    Anyone have one of these and could post a couple pics? Curious to how it actually looks as a sfp. Thanks in advance
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    SOLD 6 arc proof research hornady ammo

    Added some trades
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    SOLD SAS tomb .30 5/8x24

    Like title states. $100 shipped PayPal gift or add 3%
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    SOLD 6 arc proof research hornady ammo

    SPF waiting on usps mo. Will split if barrel sells first. Barrel buyer does not have to take ammo. $500 no ammo now $450 18” proof ss with their +2 gas tube Bolt- don’t remember manufacturer 2- 10 rd asc $310 ammo after barrel sells Hornady ammo 9boxes -108 eldm plus 12rd box- 192rds total...
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    Reloading Equipment Arizona Reloading Buy - Sell - Trade Thread

    Looking for 6.5prc unfired brass. Looking for 100. ADG would be preferred...also 300 prc brass. Once fired is fine. have factory 6.5 prc ammo, h1000, h4350, and possibly cci450, for trade.
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    Reloading Equipment WTB: ADG 6.5 PRC brass

    The only available brass from scheels is 7 ultra mag. And that’s the normal price of $117
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    SOLD Labradar

    Comes with box, instructions, original soft case. Works just as it should. $510 shipped PayPal ff or add 3%. sold to @Adam B Went by time stamp of first I’ll take it pm or thread. Shierscomm is next.
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    Rifle Scopes Burris XTR3!!!

    Who’s used the scr 3-18 as a crossover hunting scope? what power was the reticle usable on? Looked at my buddies scr2 and it was too small for me for hunting use.
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    Hunting & Fishing Carbon fiber stock choices

    It’s sendero but it’s only 22” so may look a bit thicker.