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    WTB A.R.M.S Inc #59m rail

    Does anyone have arms #59 m or c rail ? rifle length. beat up ok. needing a project rail.
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    Optics Sold

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    WTB Anyone have 6mm 107 SMKs

    Anyone have a 500 bx 6mm 107 smks out there willing to part with ?
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    Night Vision Pvs 14 parts kit

    Have a complete pvs 14 parts kit. Minus tube . Daul batt housing unit, clean glass, spare battery cap, works as it should and complete. Throw your tube In and go play. 500.00
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    Optics Sold

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    Reloading Equipment WTB 6.5x47 dies/brass also pistol dies

    I have redding dies and peterson brass available if interested.
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    Firearms Sold

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    Optics Sold

    Demo trijicon accupower 1-8 , segmented MOA grid circle. Bright illumination, 34mm tube , box and paperwork as new. 850.00 shipped. Insurance on you if wanted.
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    Help needed on Proof barrel

    Or maybe the gunsmith has never done a proof barrel before as 98% of barrels don't have a tenon like a proof and thought the tenon was the part needing threaded. ... either way he asked before screwing it up ? All good he can work on it now and fine for him. Have the GS give proof a...
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    Help needed on Proof barrel

    I have not seen one threaded like that, but the threaded portion and beyond it is cut off anyway, and the larger OD is what gets turned, threaded, crowned. Does not appear to be messed up, but i do not know why the small shank is threaded ? Possibly someone thought that was the portion to...
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    Firearms Sold

    Have 2x shadow systems built units. SS9F with the LFT slide cuts. Both used in a few classes but not abused. 1x ss9f , threaded fluted barrel. Used approx 2k rounds. with RMR cut and cover, threaded barrel, night sights, full SS build .Comes with case, pistol and magazine, and the extras like...