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    Night Vision Leupold Mk4 + Badger SNAP + L3 PVS14

    Your right on the slick setup. I like the mk 4 but your right id like to see how other spotters compare to it. Might have to make a universal mount to try that out ! I felt the 27 and 30 was tougher to focus on the spotter zoomed than on a rifle scope ,did you find that to be true?. The 24...
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    Accessories Support bags and packs , mk4 spotter, mpa weights

    Items updated. stuff marked sold is sold. The pack has info added.
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    Night Vision CNVD-LR / PVS-24LR Tail Length

    The 2124 lr is about 3.5" without the shroud and 4.25" with the shroud on.
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    Long rifle cases - ELR/Fclass

    So with a few searches if im correct the only hard gun case that's over 55" interior is the SKB correct ? Anyone have any other suggestions. Have a rifle i dont use much but is 55 OAL and looking for a case. A few soft cases, but limited hard cases. Anyone have the Armageddon gear long case ...