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    Precision Underground- New Rear Bag

    Hmm... I have the RX and the Pro... I love the locking fill in the bags. I like to do the pinching, not as a steering mechanism, but just as extra control during recoil to minimize any sort of sight picture disruption. Can I still pinch with the F1? Basically I want a slightly smaller Pro :)
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    Vudoo w/ Eley Ammo

    Some updates - did some tuning today, as the Eley ammo shoots quite a bit faster than my Lapua so I wanted to do a fresh tune. During the 200 rounds I shot, I had 2 light strikes, and 3 misfeeds. 1 was a rimlock issue that was my fault, and the other 2 the round spiked up out of the magazine...
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    Kahles owners, your thoughts….

    Yeh the error between 600 and 1400 is pretty darn minimal - This is with the parallax set at 800. But for rimfire, it's pretty insane the amount of error you get if you're not changing parallax from shooting something at 30y vs 100y.
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    Accessories XLR smoke ultralight carbon fiber butstock

    You adjust it with spacers -
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    NEW From Zermatt Arms - RimX Actions

    My last lot of CX testing was pretty meh, and some lots did do better than others -
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    NEW From Zermatt Arms - RimX Actions

    I remember I lot tested SK+ once. I was given like 7 lots and they all averaged 1.2" at 100 yards but one lot was .8". That's the one I ended up. Can't really do that anymore so I just send things in to Lapua.
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    Rimfire Scope - $2500 Budget

    With a min parallax of 50 yards - you'll have a .6mil error at 25 yards in each direction. So about 1" of variance. It's a pretty high error percentage for a 1/4" steel which is common. Generally we hope to get parallax errors in the .2mil max.
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    NEW From Zermatt Arms - RimX Actions

    Bison Tactical prefits are chambered by Modacam Custom Rifles. It's probably the best prefit out there.
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    Rimfire Scope - $2500 Budget

    That's interesting. After shooting NRL22/PRS for 3 years I haven't seen anything sub 25. I guess maybe at nationals they had a 22yard KYL. I run a ZCO which is 25m, and never had any encounters worrying about it.
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    Rimfire Scope - $2500 Budget

    But yeh the razor 6-36 is a good deal at 2450.
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    Rimfire Scope - $2500 Budget

    I've seen a few sell here for 2750-2800. Just one sold today.
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    Rimfire Scope - $2500 Budget

    I've never seen any stage closer than 25y and the DLR is 20m parallax.
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    Rimfire Scope - $2500 Budget

    I'd do a Razor 6-36 or a Kahles DLR (~2750) The next drop in $ scope I would probably do a Burris XTR Pro.
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    Vudoo Gun Works V-22 Rimfire Bolt Action

    I used the plastic loader when I had to remove the pulldown tabs on my Poly mags when I was running the +2/3 extenders on them. Using the plastic loader is faster than doing it w/o the pulldown imo.
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    Accessories XLR Buttstock Weights - $50 shipped

    I have the weights from the JV Kit that I never used. $50 shipped. Saves you $10 and saves you shipping.