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    Suppressors Ecco is awesome!

    Can’t wait he’s local to me. And I’m on the waiting list for the fall batch. For 2 aac cans
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    Preferred barrel blanks (the company)

    I had a 22” 6.5 prc. Is was under .5 with 5 shots and factory 147 eldM. I would buy again. No question.
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    Night Vision Flying with night Vision

    Thanks for all the answers guys
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    Night Vision Flying with night Vision

    Me and the old man are heading to Texas this week for some pig eradication. I had planned on carrying my NODs on with me. And checking lasers with rifles obviously. Any issues? Any experience
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    SOLD 3 boxes 156 EOL. All same lot.

    Have three boxes of 6.5 156 Berger EOLs Same lot. don’t wanna split. 190 plus shipping. That’s what I paid for them
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    Suppressors OSS for a suppressed precision gas gun?

    With the seekins switch block it’s a non issue. I wouldn’t buy an inferior can that sucks at noise to protect you from a 100 dollar gas block. Take the can off. Switch it open. Put it on switch it closed... the sp10 and gap 10 and OBRs run this configuration there is a reason they are the...
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    SOLD WTS: Sionyx Aurora Pro - Color Night VIsion

    How would you rate this for a helmet mounted unit. I have duals. But thinking this for filming/ lend out unit for buddies. Vs owning a pvs 14 for my poor friends lol 😂😂
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    Optics 34mm MDT Mount

    I’ll take this per our convo
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    Optics 34mm MDT Mount

    Was this on a bolt gun? What scope. How is the bell and barrel gap?
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    Optics Scalarworks 1.57 Leap mount. SOLD

    Someone buy this and trade me for my razor 4.5-27. 😩😩😩
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    Reloading Equipment Colorado Buy-Sell-Trade

    Have a like new. Fired once Gen 2 razor 4.5-27. Ebr 2c. MOA. Comes with level and throw lever and nightforce ultralight low rings. West Denver area. Don’t wanna ship so trying here. looking to sell or trade possibly for something a little lighter for a hunting rifle. pm me. Maybe an NXS...
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    Reloading Equipment Hodgdon has CFE black and H110

    I will say the frequency of primers and powder and ammo showing up has gotten seemingly better recently. Online and locally. maybe it’s gonna plateau out a bit... I’m sure this will last for a couple years still. But at least be somewhat tolerable.
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    SOLD Ops core helmet price dropped till sold.

    It’s been on here a week 🤣🤣🤣