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    MDT XRS or Cadex Strike Nuke?

    I held the xrs and played with it, quite nice. I’ve got of the Strike Nukes and they are the bomb! Honestly having me question why I need a full blown chassis it is so nice. Check features and adjustment options for both, you’ll like either. Personally I like the Cadex.
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    Problem with any ballistics calc or am I just 'special'?

    #1 always believe the bullet. In this case it really sounds like a scope tracking issue and your error is compounding at distance. Have you tested the scope?
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    Trasol is your best option in the iPhone. Its not working like the other 3DOF solvers (AB, Strelok, Shooter, Ballistic, etc.). I've been pretty successful comparing Trasol and Hornady 4DOF (using Hornady bullets). All the other will work so its not an issue of function but more of preference...
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    Just got banned for a week from Fagbook.

    Just a little insight into what social media is actually used for... The reason they were able to locate the Boston Marathon dirtbags so fast was that even though they did not have accounts they were caught in other peoples photos and tagged. Even with partial facial photos they were able to...
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    50 bmg. The endless choices.

    And yet right in your own post you give plenty of reason! Peacocking is a thing! :LOL:
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    Leveling a scope on a Savage..Reference spot for level??

    First day and already correcting the teacher. Uh, they grow up so fast!
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    How come not much info on Steiner M5XI?

    Solid scope and awesome reticle
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    New Guy From WYO

    Let me know if you head west to the mountains. I'm in Sublette
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    New Guy From WYO

    Where u located?
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    Opinions on what press i should buy

    You Are Welcome....
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    Opinions on what press i should buy

    Gawd, I wish I had enough desire to go find the meme with the Burger King mini burgers..... Don't know how to work a big tool, only used to a short stroker... Don't shoot much and take comfort in holding those tiny rounds, it makes my hands feel large... Don't have the need for a...
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    Adapting a atlas clone to arca

    Honestly some these snowflakes would run to the Platoon SGT even knowing how it reflects upon themselves. Total kindergarten mentality.
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    Premier heritage 3-15x 50 scope opinions

    The Premier Heritage is an amazing optic. It's not the newest greatest anymore and does have some design issues. For $800 you better run with it like you stole it. The downside is that there is basically no warranty anymore. TT for all their greatness doesn't seem to want to service the old...
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    Adapting a atlas clone to arca

    Many have commented in the other directions I might take a comment so I will take the one not mentioned yet.... You live in a country with very tight gun controls and must be heavily invested to own what you already do. As with Canada, the US, and pretty much any country that doesn't have an...
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    Pair of Kurtz Mausers

    Beautiful stocks, definitely something to hold onto for prides sake.