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    Pierced Primer Question: AI AX and Prime 107 Grain 6mm Creedmoor

    I'm sure there are things that you could do to troubleshoot this but based on my experience and reading other threads on here, I feel like you will need your firing pin bushed to solve this. This is assuming you have the large diameter firing pin...I am pretty sure short action AX's were being...
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    How much do you set back your bullet to start with?

    What level of confidence does everybody have in these Hornady gauges that rely on feel to measure the lands, especially when the measurements are this precise and the moving pieces aren't very smooth (the one for gas guns is especially bad)? I've moved backwards to 0.030" to give some more...
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    Gunsmithing need a gunsmith to bushing a firing pin hole on a Accuracy International, suggestions?

    I was having issues with pierced primers with factory Lapua ammo too...I just got my bolt back from SG Precision and everything seems to be working well now.
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    A Lad from Lancashire, England

    Welcome to the site, it looks like I'll be spending some time in your neck of the woods soon.
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    Where are the Sig MCX/MPX at?

    The MCX was one of the popular guns in the previous call of duty game and it’s going to have a whole fan base just because of that so don’t expect the demand to settle down too much moving forward. I love the concept of it but have had a hard time loving it nearly as much in practice. If it...
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    Anybody running mini split ac units ?

    I have the Mitsubishi and it’s great, only complaint is I wish I could control it through an app. I usually run it on dehumidification mode and that keeps my house where I want it. The hyper-heat models will help keep it energy efficient with temps with wind chill down to less than 0 degrees I...
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    Photos Central MA has Patriots

    Nice to see something on this site a little closer to home…there’s not enough of it
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    LMT MWS Barrel change issue

    It shouldn’t be very difficult. I’m sure you’ve already taken this into consideration, but if you have MLOK rails did you remember to remove the rubber rail covers that come with them? Not sure if that’s make sense with what you were saying about the bolt but sometimes ppl forget about the...
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    SOLD WTS: Hornady 4DOF Kestrel ($400)

    Sorry guys, sold this a while and forgot to update the thread. Updated now
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    2021 Accuracy International Virtual SHOT Show coming soon!

    How has nobody commented on the photoshopped facial hair on these pictures?
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    Question on FL-Sizing and Multiple Rifles

    I separate my brass and have 2 of the exact same dies set for different head spacing. I also keep my brass separated with a piece of paper in a baggie with information about it like which gun it’s intended for and the headspace
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    SOLD WTS: Hornady 4DOF Kestrel ($400)

    I'm not exactly sure about all the details with the ballistic solver in this Kestrel, but there should be some more informative threads in the Ballistic Solver portion of the forums. This is SPF for the time being though.
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    SOLD WTS: Hornady 4DOF Kestrel ($400)

    It uses the Hornady 4DOF solver instead of AB
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    Getting Comfortable after Fractured Collarbone

    That's a good point bringing up the other factors like someone's weight and body composition impacting the ergonomics of the shoulder pocket...I have some serious muscle atrophy going on in the area at the moment. Hopefully once I build the muscle back up things will feel more normal otherwise...