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    Update on the Nashville bombing

    The evolution of red flag laws.. Its amazing that people will want more government until they get more government. Then they come on here and bitch and complain about having too much government
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    The Hide's Official Bitch (Besides 1J04)

    Why the fuck did i click that?
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    Snow sucks! Let’s see your snow removal equipment.

    I bought this one for cheap. Only 1 owner!
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    Maggie’s Motivational Pic Thread v2.0 - - New Rules - See Post #1

    I use those same lanyard hooks on my harness for work. I had no idea those rings would be that tough and resistant to heat/abrasion
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    Winter Wonderland

    I work in the oilfield too. I can literally smell those pictures.
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    Suppressors Cerakote a Suppressor

    Well Ive never turned my suppressors red hot, but I get them hot enough that you can see the heat aura around them for a long time. Thanks for your info!
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    Wheres the suppressor section?

    Thanks alot fellas
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    Suppressors Cerakote a Suppressor

    Im looking to cerakote my cans. Anything I should look for specifically? Is there a specific heat rated coating?
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    Wheres the suppressor section?

    Thank you sir. I see the colored banners next to the existing threads. Next question... Is there a way to make subsections show up? I dont know how to word my problem exactly. But I just see colored banners of different subsections. Can I change a setting and make them show up like they did in...
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    Wheres the suppressor section?

    Im still getting adjusted to the changes to the Hide. So please forgive me cause Im sure its probably right in front of my face and Im not seeing it.
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    Gasoline Price Increase

    Same here. Im happy to see prices climb for once in years. When the Auto workers were at risk of layoffs the country came together with bailouts cause the auto industry was (Too big to fail) but hundreds of thousands of workers get layed off and nobody even knows about it. For instance a quick...
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    Question about Facebook

    lol, I have a Galaxy Z Fold 2. (Best phone Ive ever had by a long shot). I know how to uninstall, Im just wondering about the actual permissions between using the App and using the web based version. In other words if I uninstall the App, go to ( dot com) am I less likely to be spied...
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    Question about Facebook

    So we all know the fine print regarding the Facebook App. Its common knowledge that the App uses your devices mic, access your photos, contacts, Etc... But what about using the web based version? I know right now there are tons of reasons to not even be on that propaganda machine and a bunch...
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    What are you stocking up on?

    Im stocking up on mail-in ballots.