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    SOLD 17 HMR ammo

    2nd if first buyer falls through
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    Gunsmithing MDT Mag Catch Install

    Had to replace mine on an LSS XL gen 2 that wouldn't allow me to seat a mag. Ended up scratching both sides while removing then reinstalling the replacement mag latches ttyl g to find the correct size.
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    Barrel threading?

    I currently have a Gemtech G5 that I have had almost 15 years for my 5.56 AR-15. It rides in the gun good of my cruiser with my work AR. Right now I have a TBAC .22 takedown and a Griffin Armament Bushwhacker 46 in ATF jail. I am waiting for my dealer to get a Rugged Surge in stock and after...
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    Barrel threading?

    I am getting ready to send out my .308 and .22-250 bolt rifles to have the barrels threaded for suppressors. I am thinking about having them both threaded to the same pitch and using Area 419 Hellfire Universal Adapters on both rifles. Both the suppressor I have in jail right now and the TBAC...
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    New Universal Silencer from Griffin Armament - Bushwhacker® 46

    I am hoping mine gets paroled in the next couple months for ground hog hunting. I am Wendi g my rifles out to get the barrels threaded next week and to have the ARCA rails installed on the stocks.
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    Accessories WTS:##updated## 3M Peltors-Comtac V's on Pg14

    Damn I missed it this time. I will have to keep a better eye in this page.
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    Maggie’s Motivational Pic Thread v2.0 - - New Rules - See Post #1

    My sister and nephew were there with his high school ROTC unit.
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    Precision Rifle Gear Where Can I Find - Quad Pod for Labradar

    I emailed him Friday. He is no longer making them and is now recommending the Labradar quad pod.
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    Accessories LMT 6.8 piston Barrel /BCG

    Pm me what ammo you have and price please
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    Plastic practice rounds

    I was given a couple boxes of them a few years ago. Keep a cleaning for handy as I would not get more than 3 or 4 fired before the spent cases would get stuck in the chamber and have be knocked out with a rod.
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    Gear help - Seeking a 'Rear' Facing Molle Vest

    I would think a battle belt setup would be your best option. You could just pop the buckle and splay it to the sides when you lay prone. That would still give you access with a flat front. Other options or...
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    Accessories WTS:##updated## 3M Peltors-Comtac V's on Pg14

    If you happen to come across a set of the Comtac VI I will definitely take 1 or 2 sets.
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    Labradar won't connect

    Just did this on my phone. I will try to hook up the Labradar and see what happens.