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    Scope for .17HMR Ruger RPRR

    I found this Not to sure about the reticle with the numbers in it though. Paralax goes down to 10 yards. I can get it for under $500.00 right now as well.
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    Scope for .17HMR Ruger RPRR

    I am a LEO but don't really need that high of a magnification. I was think 15 or 18 on the high end. I think being able to adjust the paralax down to a lower yardage would benefit me more that a high magnification. I would prefer a tree reticle of some sort with at least the center dot illuminated.
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    Scope for .17HMR Ruger RPRR

    I am looking to get a scope for my Ruger RPRR .17HMR. I want something that the paralax goes down below 50 yards. Due to an eye issue an illuminated retical would be nice but is not a deal breaker. The rifle will be used for varmint hunting anywhere from about 20 yards (ground hog in the garden...
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    Kestrel HUD - they do exist!

    What if any advantage is there to using the remote switch?
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    Bartlein Carbon Wrapped Barrels

    Do they have a website or do we just email them about the mirage shield.
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    Best varmint bullet / cartridge

    I personally would look at the .22-250. I have one that with the factory barrel was the most accurate rifle I have owned. Shoot the first barrel out and has it rebarreled with a different twist for heavier bullets. When the tone comes to rrppace this barrel I will be looking hard at a left hand...
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    Bartlein Carbon Wrapped Barrels

    @Frank Green will left hand gain twist or AR-10 barrels be available with the carbon fiber wrap?
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    Funny & awesome pics, vids and memes thread (work safe, no nudity)

    @Lawless if you can Pedialite Advanced it is better than Gatorade.
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    Shooting bag on tripod instead of ball or leveling head

    I How much would you charge to make another one of those?
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    KMW Pod-Loc

    No worries. It is going into the PX later this week once I get back home.
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    KMW Pod-Loc

    What size Harris are you looking for? I have one I am thinking about putting up for sale.
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    Shooting bag on tripod instead of ball or leveling head

    Is that 3D printed? Is their much flex in the plate?
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    Condor chest rigs

    My agency bought one of the Condor chest rigs to T&E last year as a light weight option for when off duty and a call goes out. I started laughing when they explained why they wanted to test it. I have a well earned reputation at work for being as subtle as a cinder block with my opinions and...
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    Which bag / rest to start with?

    For those saying the git light fill is almost too light. Has anyone tried mixing the git light with regular fill for a middle ground weight fill? I don't even know if that is possible but just something I was thinking about.