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    Are you TOO prepared?

    Some people just want to survive, some have a long list of scores to settle.
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    Suppressors Form 4 wait time

    I had 5 approved on 28 July didn’t show up until 20 September
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    Australia in complete Totalitarian throws.

    Chinese own OZ, Ozzie men love sucking little yellow dicks more than the Sheilas.
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    Where does all that stem from? The babyboomers, the weakest generation of men ever birthed. All the elites and politicians attempting to destroy the free world are all babyboomers on their last legs.
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    The silver lining to this whole Afghanistan thing

    Everyone here thinks these guys are the cream of the crop, everything an American should be. Real stand up guys, the kind you sacrifice 13 young natural born Americans for, it was worth it to them.
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    Final soldier to leave Afghanistan

    When you guys go on vacation you feel that the U.S. military should come rescue you if things go tits up in the country you're visiting?
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    Covid death survey

    My uncle died with covid. Also had heart disease, diabetes and some other health issues. Of course he died because of covid and not from refusing to take care of himself.
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    Bombing at Kabul

    This is the results of having a man leading the Pentagon that was promoted for one reason and one reason only, the colour of his skin.
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    Accuracy International Picture Thread

    I'll give you 32 hundred cold hard greenbacks right now!
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    Did you know that there are no Americans stranded in Afghanistan?

    Beautiful country, if we fly all the useless Afghans out I'd live there.
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    Actual Kung Flu “survivors”

    Never shot yourself in the face before on accident?
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    Did you know that there are no Americans stranded in Afghanistan?

    They refuse to assimilate in America, I refuse to consider them actual Americans.
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    Actual Kung Flu “survivors”

    Anyone else taste semen when you're wife comes home from work? Ole lady is telling me that out of whack taste is a symptom.
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    A Solution to the COVID Crisis

    13% more
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    The silver lining to this whole Afghanistan thing

    Anybody speak with PAO or Dyncorp Police Advisors? How are the female ANP holding up? Still the future of policing in Afghanistan?