October 13
San Diego, Ca


USMC 8531 - Primary Marksmanship Instructor

"The best defense against evil men, is good men with a violent skillset."

"I'd rather suffer in good company, than live comfortably surrounded by delicate men"

"Freedom is the sure possession of those alone who have the courage to defend it." ~ Pericles, The Peloponnesian Wars

Despite our ever-changing, ever-indignant world with its growing ignorance of and indifference to the ways of the wild, I remain a predator, pitying those who revel in artificiality and synthetic success while regarding me and my kind as relics of a time and place no longer valued or understood. I stalk a real world of dark wood and tall grass stirred by a restless wind blowing across sunlit water and beneath star-strewn sky. And on those occasions when I choose to kill, I do so by choice, quickly with the learned efficiency of a skilled hunter."

~M.R. James