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    Pics out of or from your blind or stand.

    My texas hunt last time out
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    Official Smoker Thread

    I have a green egg I bought used. Smoked a lot of things with it as well as grilling. I love this thing. I also have a Cyber Q I use for long smokes. Yes I like to do other stuff willst smoking. Most of the time working in my shop with smoker outside the open garage door to watch and smell...
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    Motivational Pic Thread v2.0 - - New Rules - See Post #1

    I worked with Piper. Miss him a lot.
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    Waiting for Upland Hunting

    I’ve trained three setters now and it is very rewarding. Opening day here to me is therapy.
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    LE pistol quals

    We do it just to satisfy MCOLES. It’s a joke 255 ends less than 10yds. We get it over with so we can do shoot on the move reloads etc.
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    Earpro for scoped rifles?

    Look at Pro Best muffs I’ve used but yes still interfere a bit
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    Ok Pit-meisters... looking for some advice. Traeger vs. Weber?

    I have a Big Green Egg and a 22”Weber kettle. I use a slow n sear in the Weber. For grilling I use either, for smoking mostly use the egg but I also use a Cyber Q blower on both for smoking. I won’t buy pellets the glue that binds them just doesn’t sound tasty.
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    Help! Llewellin Setters --Anybody Know of a Good Breeder or Female to Breed?

    I have Lew setters but they’re both males. Your correct they are a dream to hunt over.
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    Glocks Work. Period. End of Story.

    I like the Glock. That said I own and shoot others. I like them all. I could care less if my EDC is ugly or not. My gen1 g19 has 13,459 rounds through it. I’ve never had a malfunction of any kind or have I ever cleaned or oiled this gun. On the other hand I have my duty g22 malfunction on the...
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    Ear muffs

    Pro Ears not cheap but better than any listed above.
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    Custom Molded In Ear Hearing Protection?

    Digital ESP and don’t look back. I’ve had them for years now and would use nothing else.
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    If you could only have one centerfire rifle to hunt with?

    Ruger MKII. Old style rear tang safety in .243
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    Pics out of or from your blind or stand.

    My blind in Michigan. Opening day this year. This doe walked right down my shooting lane and got 20 yds away Back at the cabin we feed deer apples out of our hands
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    Man's Best Friend Thread

    My three hunters. I don’t know how to be without them