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    Optics FS: Nightforce, Vortex/Seekins/Badger Rings - PRICE DROP

    I will take the vortex 34mm 1.45" rings
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    Anyone need a 7ss barrel

    Anyone interested in purchasing a 7mm sherman short barrel anytime soon? I asked a Smith about one but he would need to rent the reamer from Rich. If I had at least 3 others wanting one then he would do them all at one time and pickup the rental fee. So just checking
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    WTB 7ss dies and brass

    Anyone have any 7mm sherman short dies or 7ss adg brass they want to sell? Also a box of 7mm 180 hybrids.
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    Adjustable gas block

    +1 on SLR
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    MDT carbine to carbine folding adaptor on XLR element?

    I put a mdt folding stock adapter on a xlr element chassis so can say it does work on those. Its carbine to carbine.
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    SOLD WTS Athlon Ares BTR and Weaver tactical.

    I'll take the weaver. Pm sent.
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    Accessories FOUND—WTB: Timney 650 for RPR

    Pm sent. I have one I used in my 6.5 creedmoor if they are the same.
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    Optics Mod armory PVS14 L3

    I'll take it pending questions sent.
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    Reloading Equipment Powder, projectiles and 308 cases

    If he doesnt take all the 178 amax I will take what's left.
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    Reloading Equipment Wtb: 178 amax

    Would take 500 or so
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    Feedback Good Guy List

    Shax2lex is gtg. Shipped when he said he would and item arrived like the pic showed.