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    College For The Kids

    It seems that most people do not undrstand or maybe are not aware of is that college can be free for ANYONE that wants to go. All colleges post for fulltime employment such as: Office of on Campus Housing, Dining Facilities, Grounds/Maintanance, Financial Aid, Book Store..... the list goes...
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    HCQ+Zinc+Z-pak now recommended for early Covid-19 treatment

    Ivermectin the Equine med has had human trial runs and has shown to be beneficial. The issues were the trials were not big and repeated attempts to get FDA and CDC to review the data failed. I would have to go back and find the info but it is out there. Problem is, the med that you would...
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    Rifle Scopes Scope for AR10 Pistol -

    Looking for a good 1-4/1-6/1-8 powered socpe for a AR10 pistol setup. Anyone use the Primary Arms ..thoughts Suggestions? looking to stay around $500
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    The Official Unofficial 'What did you get for Christmas' thread

    ^ I would PAY for one to go in my office at my College I teach at. let me know Matt
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    Jill's dissertation dissed

    ^ Replied post above - Maggot stated about not calling Doctorate Professor Doctor due to them not healing people... I completely disagree... i will state my reason in just a bit. I do NOT have my students call me Doctor as I got my degree for me, NOT for anyone else. I ised all the hate from...
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    Jill's dissertation dissed

    Some here paint with such a wide brush. A PhD and EdD are not really that different. One is a very specific field of study while the other (Education Doctorate) is spread into several categories up education...K-12 or Higher Ed. The Higher Ed can be curriculum development , leadership...
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    College For The Kids

    College does NOT have to be expensive. Many here talk about work/experience... In the State of GA if you work for any institution after (6) months, you can apply for TAP (Tuition Assistance Program). The college you are working for will pay for 9hrs of classes every semester providing you make...
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    College For The Kids

    Send them to my school - Georgia Military College - have them do the Cadet program and the commission as a officer after 2 years and military pays them to go back and finish their 4 year degree. That and we do our education MUCH cheaper than any college while teaching core values of...
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    Firearms WTB: Remington 700 CP .308

    Looking for the pistol version of the 700 in .308. Thanks though.
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    Firearms WTB: Remington 700 CP .308

    Looking for a Remington 700 CP in .308 If anyone has a line on one around Altanta, let me know.
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    Firearms UPDATE - Can change to a rifle not registered as an SBR (will remove it from the registry). WTS Preban SR-25 Knights Armament .308

    Any interest in splitting and selling the 10.5” LMT upper? let me know as i am interested in the 10.5”
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    No school should = a refund

    I teach at the College level, full-time Professor. We are a NON -tenured institution with a MAJOR feeder to the Military. I have taught remote (online) from about the second week of Spring. We are transitioning to on campus in seat for the start of our Fall classes. Let me say... I have been...