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    FBI just raided Mar-a-Lago

    What could possibly go wrong?
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    FBI just raided Mar-a-Lago

    Setting up the narrative to support coming false flag
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    FBI just raided Mar-a-Lago

    The answer is to become ungovernable, what that means is up to you. Do not comply, protest, civil disobedience, etc. We are not voting our way out, that opportunity passed us by a generation ago and we are just now waking up to this reality.
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    FBI just raided Mar-a-Lago

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    Saudi Arabia decided to build the wall but not to keep people out.

    The Israelis built a wall in the same part of the world to protect their population, check out the documentary World War Z for further info.
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    Not calling you dumb, but planning a rifle build around a 15" handguard sounds pretty dumb idea.
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    2A ALERT: New Jersey Governor Murphy vows to make NJ the first 'gun free state' with drastic overhaul of existing gun control laws.

    NJ and IL are the only states where their residents allow their state governments to require a FOID card to purchase guns and ammo.
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    Maggie’s What Is It Going To Take To Stop The Madness?

    I'm not reading that shit, and considering that it came from California I am not about to. If you choose to live there, you are only subsidizing this with your taxes.
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    Another try at AW Ban

    I am somewhere in here..
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    ATF auditor recorded illegally recording an FFL's A&D books

    As lame as "we are locked down in our homes filled with guns, I wish there was something someone could do.."
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    Any love for PWS?

    Had the 14.5" one for a bit, worked fine but nothing that my KAC can't do as well so sold it.
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    Bannon Guilty

    A clown was convicted in a clown court for not participating in the circus. Did I miss anything?