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    Removing the outer sleeve of a suppressor?

    Thanks for the comments and the PMs...It's an old Templar so no mfg support but it's been a great can for me. Based on some qualified feedback, it appears we have the situation moving forwards and I have been able to remove the sleeve and start the cleaning process.
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    Removing the outer sleeve of a suppressor?

    Its a center fire suppressor that has 1000's of 22rf rounds through it. Should have been cleaned a long time ago. I thought Kroil would cut it but does not seem to be the case. The screw press in an interesting concept .... any pics of how I might build one of these?
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    Removing the outer sleeve of a suppressor?

    I have a titianium suppressor that is designed of 3 parts with an internal core, a sleeve and end cap. The cap comes off just fine but I cannot get the sleeve to slide off the core. I have soaked it in Kroil for 2 weeks with no success and am wondering if there is a better product to loosen the...
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    Expert opinion wanted on New barrel freebore (pic)

    So I have looked at a lot of barrels (factory and custom) with my bore scope and this is much more common than people probably think. It is also one of the first things I look at for a barrel that will not shoot. My experience is that barrels that look like this (usually worse) often do not...
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    A Clean Miss on a Trophy Animal

    Maybe I missed it but I run a similar load and would need more than 2.5 mils at 500 yards with my rifle using a 100 yd zero. Maybe the range was right but you under dialed?
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    Bolt fluting. From nightmare to sweet dream!

    Does not surprise me. Chad does first class work with great customer service. Glad it turned out so well.
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    LAPD ambushed

    I thought they did not allow guns in LA...
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    Recommendations for Mauser gunsmith

    Thanks guys...sounds like my kind of guy!
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    "M40A1" build vs quarter

    That's kind of a keep sake....nice rifle
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    Recommendations for Mauser gunsmith

    Thanks, I'll get in contact with him.
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    Recommendations for Mauser gunsmith

    Is this Jim's Custom Gunworks from Bloomington, MN ?
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    short 6.5 creed shooters: what velocity are you running at?

    My 16.5" runs 2578 fps with 140 gr ELDM and 42.3 grains of H4350
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    Recommendations for Mauser gunsmith

    I have a 7RM rifle made on a Mark X (commercial mauser) action that does not extract the fired cartridges reliably and I am looking for a talented "mauser" gunsmith to help me get it right. Recommendations?
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    PIG saddle and Ball-head ?

    Thanks...I'll look into this
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    PIG saddle and Ball-head ?

    I have an Manfrotto 190XPROB tripod with an 496RC2 ball-head. I would like to get the right ball head so that I can run a PIG saddle. I do not need a "top of the line" set-up, just something that is solid and dependable. Any recommendations?