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    243 Win Brass/Dies/Barrel

    Offer withdrawn...
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    BCM gunfighter mod 4 (SOLD)

    Ill take it-pm in bound
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    WTT: TOILET PAPER (the good stuff) for high end optics

    So we have something in common
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    MPA rat rail

    Ill take inbound
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    Where would you move to from a future Socialist America?

    There is zero chance this country will ever be a socialist country. The 1%'ers, Wall Street, and the military industrial complex would never allow it.
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    SOLD: Hawkins M5 Short Action Bottom Metal

    Ill take seconds on the last dbm
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    SOLD 30mm Vortex PMR/Seekins made rings

    Ill take inbound
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    Prime Update Video

    Looks like someone from RUAG kept Jims cash to send their kid to USC
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    WTS-GRS Sporter Stock Tikka T3 223

    Have a GRS Tikka T3 Sporter Stock I recently picked up that I'm looking to sale. In great shape, almost new. Comes with 3 polymer extended 223 mags and 1, 3 round mag with a Bobsled follower. New, these are $852.10. Looking to get $700 shipped and insured.