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    It sounds interesting. I wish there were some more pictures of it out there.
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    Pierced Primer Question: AI AX and Prime 107 Grain 6mm Creedmoor

    I’ve shot a good bit of Prime in 260, 6CM, and 338LM. Both the 260, and 6CM were very hot. I pierced primers in 260 in my AXMC, but that was with a LFP. I ordered the small pin and my problems went away.
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    Member Link Up South Central Wisconsin?

    If you’re into PRS, we hold monthly matches a little south of Fond Du Lac.
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    App Coming Soon! Volunteer for Beta Testing

    I’ll go on the iOS waitlist
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    Rifle Scopes ZCO 2-16

    @gebhardt02 Please not a lighter 420. A light(er)3-15 is the best spot to be at. 3x is a good place to be for close(r) hunting. I really think 4x is too much for close(r) hunting.
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    Spotters Which New Spotter

    I currently have a Bushy T series, and a set of Vortex Razor UHD 12x binos. I usually use the binos for spotting for PRS. I am looking for a new, better spotter. Mostly for animal watching and some specific matches. My wife likes the Bushy since she can zoom in on animals and see them up close...
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    Rimfire Rifle Photos Thread

    It was on the optic when I bought it. Google took me here for one. Throw Lever
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    Accuracy International 223 conversion working

    Are there any plans for an AXMC bolt?
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    Your towing tales - CDL & non

    @Geno C. any tales from driving truck?
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    Accuracy International Picture Thread

    Have a friend 3D print you some.
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    2021 Manners Composite Stocks New Products and Announcements

    @RobertB, is there a timeline on the LA version of the MCS-LRH?
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    Accuracy International Picture Thread

    30Hate ready for Tac class!
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    2021 Manners Composite Stocks New Products and Announcements

    Thanks for the price anyway. Good to know.