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    Optics WTS: Nightforce BEAST

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    Optics WTS: Nightforce BEAST

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    Firearms WTT - Impact Action for Mid Tier Optic - TRADE PENDING

    Need a Nightforce Beast? 🙂 Obviously not straight up.
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    Firearms WTS: STI Trubor 2011 **Fire Sale - Price Drop**

    Thanks! I'm surprised it's here still.
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    Firearms WTS: Rem700 build in 308. (Great entry build.)

    Forgot about this, but it's still here!
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    Optics WTS: Nightforce BEAST

    Again, I'm not looking for trades. This is excellent glass and at a great price.
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    SOLD WTS: New ARC Mausingfield action (SA/RH/.473bf)

    Closed top, 20 moa rail. 🙂
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    Optics WTS: Nightforce BEAST

    This was sitting on an extra 22 I just sold, so I'm hoping if I throw it up here for a steal, it'll move quick. :cool: Nightforce Beast H59 Reticle Mil turrets NOT illuminated I'm the second owner I believe. Has some typical wear and tear but is really in overall excellent condition. This is...
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    SOLD WTS: New ARC Mausingfield action (SA/RH/.473bf)

    Hey all, Extra action I've been sitting on. Thought it'd come in handy but nope. This has been mocked up but never shot. No rounds through it at all. Bolt has been actuated so obviously any wear associated is from that. Specs: ARC Mausingfield Action Short Action Right Hand AICS mag ready...