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    SOLD WTS TL3 shouldered Prefit 300BLK

    I’ll take it
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    Left Hand Sale WTB Left hand R700 stainless SA 308BF

    Looking for a Rem 700 left hand stainless short action with 308 bolt face. Might consider a used custom if the price is right. Thanks
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    Optics Vortex Razor HD G1 5-20x50***SOLD***

    I have the same scope I paid more than that for.
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    Optics Optics Sale + Free Shipping + No Tax

    Great seller, fast shipping. Snagged an NX8 a while back and a couple sets of rings.
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    Optics Vortex Razor HD G1 5-20x50***SOLD***

    Dang that’s a lot of scope for that price
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    Left Hand Sale WTB left hand remington short action receiver

    I'm sure its a long shot but looking for a stainless left hand receiver short action. I already have a bolt so receiver only would be a plus to save me some money. Thanks.
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    Got enough to get through this year, if anything I will shoot less so my kid can shoot more. I don’t think we will see any primers till 2022 that’s gonna suck for lots of people and all shooting sports.
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    Reloading Equipment Missouri Trading Thread

    Quincy IL looking for cci 450’s have these to trade.
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    Reloading Equipment CCI 450s

    Bought 109’s 100 count from Brownells yesterday
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    Left Hand Sale Spf

    Any mags come with it?
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    Reloading Equipment RCBS die set

    RCBS die set $35 shipped
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    SOLD JP 34mm cantilever mount

    $165 to your door just mocked up the scope in it that’s all.
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    SOLD Criterion 6.5x47L savage threads prefit

    I’ve never had the brake off honestly so I just looked it’s 3/4-24
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    SOLD Criterion 6.5x47L savage threads prefit

    Small shank. I originally had it on a Model 10 Savage for just a little bit then moved to an Origin ended up selling the action but still have the barrel.