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    New USMC Rifle Qual

    Makes me think of one of those "inside basic training" shows I caught part of awhile back. Female Marine "recruit" failed qual and told the camera it's no big deal. So much WTF.
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    Sailors to reaffirm Oath ..

    I keep waiting for these guys to actually put up or shut up regarding their oath. I don't expect much.
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    Maggie’s Motivational Pic Thread v2.0 - - New Rules - See Post #1

    As I understand it, he ain't a computer wiz. Just a ruthless businessman with no decency.
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    Hunting Application

    Stopping a charging anything usually requires breaking bone or damaging the nerve system. I wonder if this would be a good application for a combo gun?
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    Gunsmithing Shortening a semi-auto shotgun barrel (non-NFA)

    Range toy, when I'm not bird hunting with a 26 inch barrel, deer hunting with a 22 inch rifled barrel, or trap shooting with a 30 inch barrel. Oh, and it'd be nice to be able to mount a red dot without having a rail permanently mounted to the receiver.
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    Gunsmithing Shortening a semi-auto shotgun barrel (non-NFA)

    What might you recommend?
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    Gunsmithing Shortening a semi-auto shotgun barrel (non-NFA)

    I understand that on some semi-auto shotguns, shortening the barrel can affect reliability with light loads. Is there a way to correct this? The gun in question would be a Winchester Super X3/FN SLP and the barrel would go from 22" to 18.5"
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    Conservative friendly option for tax prep software.

    I wouldn't call intuit conservative friendly. In fact, me not wanting to use them anymore is the reason I'm looking for an alternative. PM me if you know someone.
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    Bill Gates on Greenhouse Gases

    Why has no secret spy agency somewhere not just gone to town on these globalist kooks yet?
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    Winchester M70

    I don't miss my specific Winchester but I miss the way it felt in my hands. The McMillan Marksman stock felt great and the ballance was awesome for a "heavy barrel" rifle. Very nice rifles Mr. Mclaine and Huskey.
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    Accessories Stag15 3G upper with Vortex Strikefire II & Samson 3x

    Yes but there is someone in line ahead of you.
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    WTB 12 Gauge shotgun