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    Did this sell?
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    Biden Proposed Ban on Online Gun/Ammo Sales ***VOTE***

    There is no such thing as no choice. You are making a choice by opting out...
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    Biden Proposed Ban on Online Gun/Ammo Sales ***VOTE***

    I get the sentiment, I really do, but its whacked when you get serious about analyzing the situation. One of these two jokers will get elected. You aren't voting for the person, you are voting for the policies which most closely resemble the version of America you want to live in. Sitting out...
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    SOLD: LH TriggerTech R700 Special Flat Trigger NIB

    I'll take it... PM sent.
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    Leaderboard rules

    What trades are you interested in...?
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    Stateless is the way to go. Change my mind...

    Men will either govern themselves or be governed. The extent to which we govern ourselves determines how much society feels the need to exert governance over us. We have given in to our lesser angels as a society, and so the clamor for governance increases. That is all...
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    6bra or 6 dasher

    BRA... Basically the same ballistics in what I feel is a (marginally) better inherently designed case (longer neck) with stupid simple fireforming. The fireforming loads are something I would shoot a local match with and are certainly acceptable for range time.
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    JP or LMT

    What do you want to do with it? For just about every purpose, I would lean towards LMT. If you want a specialized game gun, perhaps JP... but probably LMT.
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    American Rifle Company

    Articulate? Seriously...? I like Ted, I've spoken with Ted in person several times. He's in my backyard. He is brilliant, but articulate...?
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    Leupold prismatic like new

    Gotcha. Thanks.
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    When ammo prices will go down?,and%20excessive%20%E2%80%9Cjust%20in%20case%E2%80%9D%20purchases%20are%20discouraged.
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    Load development sucks...

    Was gonna say just this. Not a rare occurrence. I’ve spent several range days with a well known industry pro who frequently experienced this problem with the 147s. Different days, different lots. Fairly high failure rate. Could watch ‘em blow up through the spotter. Not sure if Hornady has...