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    Coyote Rifle Builds

    Just running a spare Magpul mag for now. StaBall powder, Alpha OCD brass.
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    Coyote Rifle Builds

    Origin action Bartlein CF 8 twist at 21" Bushnell DMR2 glass TT Diamond NF UL rings My old Manners I keep for a spare 22 GT pushing 73 ELDM at 3350 fps. I've pushed it faster but backed it down for now.
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    New build which 6mm?

    GA Precision has a pre-order list going. Available on their website.
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    GA Precision 22 GT

    No pressure signs at all with Alpha Virginia brass. Still room for more speed if needed.
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    GA Precision 22 GT

    Ran 73 ELDM up to 3500 with Staball and stopped as I'm breaking in barrel still. Backed off to 3350 fps and it's bad news on coyotes.
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    SOLD Sold

    Will this accept a Zermatt Origin? Weight?
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    Firearms Manners T5A

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    GA Precision 22 GT

    21" with Ultra 7. 90 Atips Virgin brass 40 gr of RL26 Still in early breaking barrel in. 3000 fps with 15 rounds down the barrel.
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    GA Precision 22 GT

    Nothing yet. My rifle should be in my hands by Sunday. I'll share what I come up with when I get it running.
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    Those with a 22GT

    I bought my own reamer.