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    Feedback Evolution 9 A+

    A+ honest guy. he made a mistake on a trade and very well and quickly made it right
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    Accessories FS: 9mm Luger ammo

    will take fed pending approval of methods.
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    Accessories Federal 9mm HST Bulk Ammo

    it is what it is. storm i guess. i will be happy getting it 3/2
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    Optics Looking for Athlon dealer

    camera land for sure. yes,usps is losing,misending and delaying about 25% of my stuff.
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    Accessories WTS XM193 280 rounds -200 shipped

    delete,bump taking one of his other deals
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    SOLD (SOLD) Nosler Trophy Grade .308 150gr Accubond

    i have paid for the 6 boxes of nosler ammo.
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    Accessories Federal 9mm HST Bulk Ammo

    is this now gone?
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    WTB delete

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    WTB delete

    n. central FL. have the 100r of FGMM 185berger that i have had up til i got tired of it not working in prev post.
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    WTB delete

    i'll just keep it
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    Accessories delete

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    Accessories likely fraudulent web site seller

    the scammers are not just national but also local. FL gun trader had an add for an upgraded sig 365 for $465 from a town i never heard of as a 70+ yr FL resident. the reply didn't locate the town just said "oh,i'll mail it too you". LOL! also,not just modern stuff but prob even more so in C&R. a...