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    Precision Rifle Gear Tripod help

    Versa allows you to use any standard Ballhead that screws to a single 3/8" stud, basically almost all gear made initially for photography, whether repurposed for shooting or not. You can also use the corresponding leveling bases, and center columns with the versa apexes. Versa stands for...
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    Imported carbon fiber tripod (RT90C)

    True that is larger than the 3 series its more like the 4 series we carry. To be exact, what I was talking about above was someone putting it on a tripod that doesn't have the ability to remove the center platform and just mount it to a stud built into the top of the tripod apex. Most of the...
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    Imported carbon fiber tripod (RT90C)

    I am suggesting you mount the Anvil to the adapter with the 4 screws through the holes. Then you can screw it on to your tripod with the 3/8" stud, The 4 hole pattern can then possibly be used to put a safety/anti twist screw up into to make sure you cant spin it off. Ive done this on a friends...
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    Imported carbon fiber tripod (RT90C)

    Anvil-30 2 Series Adapter or the Anvil-30 3 Series Adapter might work in that scenario
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    RRS vendors

    on small items like that give me/us a call. Yes it can be hard to get through but if you leave your number I will call you back 385-248-0800. Those small items can be packaged different, the computer system isnt allowing that option right now. (n)
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    RRS vendors

    We mainly sell direct but have started selling through more people as of late. Altus Thermal Optics Plus Bison Tactical Down Range Thermal DI Precision Brownells Sportsmans Finest Bowman Arms No one will (should) give you any price lower than MSRP
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    RRS shipping?

    Yeah some of our stuff is f'd up. Trying to fix it, with over 5000 sku it isnt a quick process. Whether its a broken shipping estimator, messed up weight in the system, messed up insurance amount, etc. It can skew things. It usually fixes it when finalizing the checkout but with the high...
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    Help me not hate my RRS Anvil 30

    @ThisWildAdventure Anvil is not for everyone if you hate it put it for sale and get what you paid for it back. Go try and pick up a BH-40 or 55, someone might be wanting to trade one, the few-and-far-betweeners that don't like the anvil usually are happy with the BH line. I will tell you...
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    Some Tripod/Rail Questions

    Give me a call if you have more questions about the Anvil. 385-248-0800, Michael Backorder advice - If you ever want an Anvil, backorder it. We ship out a handful almost daily but they ship, first in -first out. We have a few distributors/dealers but not many. We also have some contracts and...
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    Precision Rifle Gear Really Right Stuff 2021 SOAR

    @Dvlray6 Not completely. The TFCT tripods measurements have the Anvil-30 Ballhead built into them. Sorry I do not yet have the diagram: TFCT-33 Leg Material: Carbon Fiber Number of Leg Sections: 3 Load Capacity 1st Position Fully Extended: 85lbs/ 39kg Load Capacity 2nd Position Fully...
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    Precision Rifle Gear Really Right Stuff 2021 SOAR

    @Katana88 money, weight, or using an out of spec rail. I would guess those would be the likely reasons to chose the screw knob over the lever version.
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    Precision Rifle Gear Really Right Stuff 2021 SOAR

    @skatz11 I will continue to try and do as you mentioned. It is hard some times as we do not receive that much feedback outside of the Hide. Youll enjoy the QD adapters. Will continue to work on the release process of our gear. Never introduce until ready to ship or almost there. The Ascend...
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    Precision Rifle Gear Really Right Stuff 2021 SOAR

    @Jefe's Dope, No problem. it is a tedious process but hoping it helps make the new website more of an educational experience rather than the, WTF does this mean?
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    Precision Rifle Gear Talk me into a RRS 34L TFCT

    @vh20 The Anvil-30 is pre installed on the TFCT apex. It isn’t just one sold piece you are correct but you can not remove it and install another ballhead. You would have to buy a complete new apex as well. @Ferris Pewler Yes the TFCT comes with the Anvil-30 Ballhead. You wouldn’t need else...