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    Rimfire Rifle Photos Thread

    Can't stop putting these together: TacSol receiver, Kidd trigger, Beyer barrel, Enoch Deep Six chassis, SB 1913A3 folding brace, Surefire Ryder 22 suppressor.
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    The AR15 Picture Thread

    New blaster for a repeat customer: SanTan STT-15 billet receiver set; 14.5" Noveske HFCL barrel with pinned SF WarComp; Geissele MK16 rail; Geissele JP FMOS bolt carrier group; Geissele SCH; TriggerTech Adaptable model trigger set at 3 LB; Vltor A5 recoil system; Kahles K16i with SM1 reticle in...
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    Another Picture Thread - All Other Semi-Autos

    The Brownell's BRN-180 upper is a real sleeper. Designed and produced by PWS for Brownell's, it is based on Eugene Stoner's landmark AR-180 short stroke gas piston, multi-lug rotating bolt concept. Thia upper will drop onto just about any AR' lower out there. Since there's no need for the AR-15...
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    Help Me Setup My SCAR 17

    Geissele SCAR Trigger Nightforce ATACR F1 1-8x24 in Spuhr SP-4026 mount KDG parts: SCARging Handle SAS Stock MREX Extended Rail
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    The AR15 Picture Thread

    I'm referring to the barrel extension feed ramps. Please re-read my reply, above. My reply was not meant to be other than factual. I'm sorry you were offended. I got the term some time back from Noveske Rifleworks description of the feed ramps that now come on their FN-produced chrome lined...
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    The AR15 Picture Thread

    Exactly what I said. I contoured and then polished the feed ramps. The M855A1 "steps" are now contoured and polished, making feeding much smoother. I didn't mention anything about adding a steel insert. The barrel extension is already made of quality steel, as hard as woodpecker lips, too.
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    The AR15 Picture Thread

    The 6mmARC seems to be getting more and more popular. Shown here with 18" Proof carbon fiber barrel and hybrid STT-15 receiver set, JP FMOS bolt carrier group, TriggerTech Adaptable trigger, & Vltor A5 recoil system.
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    308 AR10 Build Info/Picture Thread

    Give precision bolt guns a run for their money with this much lighter 9.5 LB big block custom 6.5 CM gas gun! Built by MSTN on a Seekins SP10 Builder's Kit (fully ambi) with the finest of components: Proof Research 20" SS 6.5 CM barrel with Rifle +2 gas system, weighing in at 3 LB 10 OZ = 58 OZ...
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    Odin Works vs Proof Stainless 6mm Arc AR build?

    With factory ammo? Sub-MOA all day long. Occasional "refrigerator quality" one-hole groups! The 105 and 108 loads outshoot the 103 in this barrel.
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    Best AGB for suppressed SBR's?

    This looks quite unique and very promising. I plan to try one myself soon:
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    The AR15 Picture Thread

    Everyone NEEDS a good .300 Blackout. And a suppressor for it, night vision, IR aiming module, lots and lots of both super- and sub-sonic ammo. This one is built on a SanTan Tactical ST-15 billet receiver set with a V Seven 10.3" SS barrel. This one incorporates a Geissele MK 14 9.5" rail and ACH...
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    Best AGB for suppressed SBR's?

    Glad to hear that! Criterion barrels have the only reasonable gas port sizes I've run across. They all shoot considerably sub-MOA with capable ammo. They're easily the best bang for the buck I've encountered.
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    Best AGB for suppressed SBR's?

    Nailed it. That's how you do it. Well said, too. All this got figured out a long time ago. PRI Gas Busters work pretty well, plain and simple. It's just about the only gun part I used 20 years ago that I still use. Reason - No better choice in a charging handle for reducing blowback. Yes...
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    ? For the MK12 Clone Experts Out There???

    DSG also bucked the mandatory COVID vaccine mandate on all employees imposed by DC on all .gov vendors. They deserve our support, IMO.
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    B&T APC series

    I recently learned that the B&T APC9K is actually a gateway drug to the whole B&T line.