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    Accessories *SOLD* Accurate Mag .308 10 rnd mag w/o binder plate 2.950 oal

    Price: $55 shipped and paypal’d I have feeding issues w/o binder plate so decided to sell. Shipped with USPS priority mail. US only.
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    PVA Tripod - 1st impressions

    Yes thanks to rtr he sent me pics
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    Drag bag/Shooting mat

    I have a NcStar drag bag shooting mat. Although uncomfortable it's worth the $50 I paid for it. I've been using it for several months until now.
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    Sling Suggestions?

    Another vote for the TAB PRS sling. Great for offhand positions.
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    Which Rear Bag Would You Recommend (PRS)?

    For bench and prone I use a wiebad loop bag or mini tac pad depending on the elevation of the target. For positional I use a bison tactical udder and a traust position gamer bag. I pretty use these every bags all the time. The only other bag that I have that I don't use is the traust rear bag...
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    PVA Tripod - 1st impressions

    Pics when you get a chance please!
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    Feisol 3372 tripod & RRS TA-3 leveling base

    I totally understand. You don't to have to tear it down for me. I appreciate it though. I just read the PVA tripod first impressions thread. It looks like the RRS TA-3 is compatible with it and it drops right in. Can anyone confirm? If so it looks like I might go that route.
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    Feisol 3372 tripod & RRS TA-3 leveling base

    Thanks! I've read that review. I noticed you and him talked about shimming it. Was it necessary to shim it or does it still lock down with out it?
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    Feisol 3372 tripod & RRS TA-3 leveling base

    I'm still looking for a shooting tripod for my MPA chassis with the ACRA swiss rail. I've read the review of this combo here on Snipers Hide and it's says they're compatible. Any updates with anyone else here that uses this setup? I don't know if I'm committed yet to get the whole RRS setup.
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    Tripod option for MPA chassis

    Sounds like a plan. 900 seems a little steep for me but I'll probably do the whole buy once cry once deal. We'll see.
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    PRS Talk Household items for positional dry fire practice

    Great advice. Thanks guys! I'm want to try hanging my rifle off a rope or chain.
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    Tripod option for MPA chassis

    I'm looking into purchasing a tripod for a MPA chassis with a RAT system. My budget is between $400-500. I'm looking at the Manfrotto MT055CXPRO3 Carbon Fiber Tripod with XPRO Ball Head with Top Lock Quick-Release System. Does anyone recommend something else? Any other tripod and ball head combo...