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    Anyone here get foot and leg cramps at night...

    only while fucking.
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    Gun Safety and Responsibility

    no. you are not right. fucking jerkoff.
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    F*ck Paypal

    i can relate
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    if this kid was running around, shooting at cars, i have a hard time mustering any sympathy for him, or his family. i mean, what the fuck you think is in those cars? that’s how babies, and small kids end up dead for no fucking reason. if the parents gave a flying fuck, and even...
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    and here is why..... SSgt Cook was a helluva an paratrooper, NCO, and man. fuck those that kiled him. and fuck shitcago.
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    and probably a still frame photo, instead of video footage. i’ve said it before, and will again. if you’re an LEO, get out while the gitting is good. you save assholes from themselves, and all they do is hate you for it. fuck ‘em.
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    F*ck Paypal

    face to face.
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    My new SeaBee

    congratulations! check your p.m.
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    Suppressor Ban Legislation

    if you have any faith in senate OR the supreme are out of your fucking head. have you been asleep for the last 4 years?
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    Womenfolk Attire to the range, Camo Bikini?

    ^ if that’s what you’ve been experiencing with need to make better decisions. not all women i’ve been around would recieve an invitation to the range....same as guys. if they are serious about it, they are more than welcome. and, you better bring your A game because the ones...
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    Meant to use the taser, not the pistol, sometimes I get confused...

    the writing has been on the wall for a while now. everybody saw it going this way a long time ago. if you are still working as LEO....i’d advise exiting stage left asap. i’m SO glad i did. you save people from themselves, and all they do is hate you for it. fuck ‘em.
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    Womenfolk Attire to the range, Camo Bikini?

    people have been killed because of an errand piece of hot brass between the tits. despite all the taren butler videos, the range aint the place for fuck fuck games.
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    I'll just leave this here. Unbelievable.

    i noticed that as well. i’ll tell you that every black person i’ve talked to in my life have been fantastic people. i dont know where these shitstains of humanity reside, but evidently it’s somewhere i’ve managed to avoid. so i must be doing something right.
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    I'll just leave this here. Unbelievable.

    meh..... sanctioned by our own government. as evidenced by the fact that lon horiuchi is still a free man. but piss on a dead terrorist asshole...and the fucking earth stops rotating. clown world.
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    And you think your Ex was bad.

    as if anyone needed any more proof that liberalism is a mental disease.