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    M24 iron sights for sale

    Zero doubt about that. Crazy coots across the pond have been using them with 7.62 NATO to 1,200m for long enough to have a helluva reputation. I sold my last one, in favor of a Warner, but I still kinda prefer the solid steel of those RPAs. It’s hard to argue much with the durability and...
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    M24 iron sights for sale

    Always thought it was ironic we had Brit sights on American long rifles. glws
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    WTB R700 SA

    And it HAS to be stainless?
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    WTB R700 SA

    Buds gun shop, Northland, both have them in stock.
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    RCBS Match Seater, need a 22 cal vld seating stem

    If you’re going through all this much trouble with a die, just buy a Forster Ultra. But before you do that, look to 1) your bullet tension, and (2) how much you are compressing your powder. Either one can cause issues with bullet crimping, regardless of stem.
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    Anschütz 54.18 MSR

    It is the same reason target shotgun pads often have either a rebate at the comb of the pad, or even a hard plastic rounded edge.
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    Giraud Trimmer

    Nopers, but the blisters the dude mentioned above..: Oi! Tip #2: When you wanna clean out the brass shavings from the cylinder, getcher shop-vac fired up, hold the nozzle right up under the front of the cutter shield, and slowly ease the shield upward.
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    Does Lot# really matter when reloading?

    It CAN. Therefore, it DOES.
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    Giraud Trimmer

    Gitcha a leather work glove. Cut off the thumb and forefinger, and wear those on your working hand. When you start trimming 1,000+ cases on your new trimmer from Doug, you’re gonna understand why I suggested this. ;) -Nate
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    SPF Schneider 30-cal M40 Barrel.

    Yeah, they’re a helluva barrel. I was just on the phone with Gary last week...never a phone call with him when I don’t learn something.
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    Graco adjustable butt plate or stock positioning system

    I dunno man. Those just do NOT look like they’ll hold up and hold adjustment under rifle fire for the long term. I’d get a rifle plate from a rifle company, not shotgun kit. Masterclass, Tubb, McMillan, that sorta thing.
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    SPF Schneider 30-cal M40 Barrel.

    Done. I will take this!
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    223 CIP rating- Safe to Shoot 5.56 - CZ USA says so

    Something shorter. Bill built his chamber to be able to use magazine ammo, while also hybridizing it to work at 600 yards. Spec was to put the Sierra 80–at that time one of the only extant “Long” range .22 bullets—touching the lands at 2.475” COAL. It did that then, and a true virgin Wylde...