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    Any Advice on Buying Still and Getting Permit for Making Ethanol for Farm Machinery Use Only?

    Thinking I'd get a very small electric one for starters, rather than a gas fired one, so I don't blow myself up. A friend's grandfather did that and burned himself to death when it blew up. But these are so many varied choices, I don't know what to...
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    WTF just blew up in Lebanon??

    These videos just came in, maybe IDF scored a hit on something??; Look at the pressure wave on the water!
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    The Impending Three Gorges Dam Collapse

    This is really interesting. The Three Gorges Dam in China, which was supposedly built to "last 10,000 years" is going to collapse, imminently. The Chinese press virtually is silent about it, predictably. The US Press is almost silent about it...
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    XM-3 Build Done

    I finally got the USMC XM-3 clone back from the builder who helped build the original 52 of them. This one has the titanium scope rail and barrel lug. I'm very pleased with his work. I esp. like how the bedding was dyed to match the stock color. If you...