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    Sidney Powell, WTF????

    Let me start by saying I have only heard bits and pieces of this story, so hopefully some of our more learned members can shed some more light on this. Why has Sidney Powell been separated from Trump's legal team? I just heard this, but have not seen...
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    More insanely stupid shit thanks to the kung flu

    So, the family gets together last night to go out to eat and celebrate my daughter's birthday. We get to the restaurant and are told that it'll be a 40 min wait. Not too bad, and since it's Saturday night, not likely any quicker anywhere else. So we're...
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    More kung flu hysteria

    So, the family and I went out this evening to shop for a new mattress and sit down at a restaurant for a meal. Since King Roy I granted us phase II of allowing us to feel sorta free, we decided to get out of the house for a bit. Went to the first...