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    Bobro Dual Lever Cantilevered Mount For Heavy Scopes

    I’ve used Bobro for years, love them, they are my go to. I’ve always hated the LaRue and ADM mounts because they have to be adjusted to each rifle. Bobro is the only mount I know of that has a autoindexing feature that can go from rifle to rifle with no tool adjustment. I’ve been begging them...
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    Anybody tried the dbal-RL or PL? Thoughts?
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    SPF. JP Mega Maten *drop

    Probably not, I had it made in 2013.
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    SPF. JP Mega Maten *drop

    I’m not a fan of the JP handguard, but love their performance and innovation. I’ve always liked the quality of Megas products so I found a way to have the best of both worlds. I can’t really give you a direct comparison, but the gun shoots lights out, feels tuned, and is light and handy.
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    finally pulled the trigger on dual tube, now I can't find a kac pvs30?

    Just post a WTB in the for sale section. I have one I have considered selling and I’m sure theres others in the same boat.