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    Left Hand Sale Keeping.

    Welllll boys, found a nice bdl stock. Gonna chunk her in the barrel vice and rebuild her again. Stock will be up latter this evening.
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    Left Hand Sale Keeping.

    1300 bucks....someone buy this thing Open to trade offers for lefty stuff and O/U 20gauge guns
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    Rural road, high speed, need info.

    A while back we dug a pond behind the house with a D7....was a shame that it was side loaded off of the trailer and tracked the shit out of the black top.
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    Night Vision SPF Halo LR and Grendel upper

    Moving to the the XRF so going to let this one rip, we've got another little one on the way and I'm not about to explain to a pregnant woman why I have two thermals again. Purchased May of 20 and has had zero issues. Lenses are free of scratches and were always covered when moving around. Comes...
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    Left Hand Sale WTB LH LA 700 BDL Stock

    Looking for a left hand, long action 700bdl stock Exhibit A Bonus points if you have the bottom metal with 300wm follower and it isn't beat to shit.
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    Night Vision Where to get a thermal appraisal?

    I have my gear insured through Farm Bureau. Went into a LGS, got a quote to purchase the same gear, sent quote to my agent and he added it to my policy with the quote from the LGS listed as the replacement cost. I pay a little more in premiums to get a non depreciated replacement cost, but it's...
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    Photos How's the lawn lookin'?

    I felt the same exact way when we lived in town, wife and I moved onto some acreage and now mowing is a zen like ritual. Noise cancelling air pods, music, first cold beer while moving ranger out of the shop, fuel all equipment, crack second cold beer, start zero turn and then absolutely zone...
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    Photos How's the lawn lookin'?

    Andddd there are the pics i meant to attach
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    Photos How's the lawn lookin'?

    Was using google earth to calculate fertilizer amount the other day and noticed you can see me on the kubota.. from fucking space. I never wanted to be cares about his grass guy, now I have aftermarket blades on a zero turn with a motor more powerful than my first car. Getting older is a funny...
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    Night Vision *SOLD* Multiple budget Gen 3 Pvs-14’s

    me too unit 4, me too Free bump to @Surgeon_Shooter for the most emo sales pitch in the PX. In all seriousness deal with confidence, buy some of Jay's filters they kick ass.
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    Night Vision *SOLD* Multiple budget Gen 3 Pvs-14’s

    That was charitable, not even a traditional go fuck yourself!
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    SOLD Spuhr 6001

    Second on the eotech
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    SOLD Eotech EXPS3-0 Tan

    If she’s still available I’ll take this
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    SOLD SPF: WTT: my SA Origin with Bravo for your LA Origin/SR3

    Free bump, have witnessed this thing in action and it was cared for/ treated right.
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