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    SNB Filter review

    Like all of my reviews I'll preface this with: I'm a regular dude. Nobody pays me for my thoughts, opinions or bullshit. Everything I review I've bought with my own money. My review is going to include a sample size of my stuff, unless noted. All...
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    Show em: The beer fridge

    No text, no BS.... let’s seem them garage beer fridges. FFP Whirlpool Zero stop backstrap overflow from the chest freezer
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    Regular guy assembles TL3, doesn't kill self

    Decided to go down the prefit barrel worm hole and I gotta admit I wish I had done it years ago. Being a lefty is always kind of a pain in the ass because while everything is usually available, it's either more expensive, the wait times are longer or...
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    Halo LR running review

    Going to do a running review on the halo 50 like I did with the 25. Same full blown disclaimer: regular dude with a regular dude job, these thoughts and opinions are mine. If someone wants to pay for my thoughts and opinions please PM me, I'll be more...
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    Halo 25mm Running Review

    Full disclaimer: I'm a regular dude with a regular job who doesn't get paid jack shit for my opinions on guns or gear, unless someone wanted to holllllaaa at them PMs because the oilfield is looking as promising as a ticket to the titanic right now. My...