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    Rifle Scopes TT JTAC

    The Gen2 Mildot seems to be their best reticle if you want to use 5-12x. The Gen2XR is still thin at 15x, that’s why I got rid of my 315P. My buddy got rid of his Gen3XR on his 315P for the same reason. And that reticle is thicker than 2XR. And the JTAC is even thinner than the 2XR. Maybe...
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    Accuracy International AT-X

    Not a clue dude. Gotta ask AINA.
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    Accuracy International AT-X

    EuroOptic is letting you pre-order them, now. Suppose to get them at the end of October… maybe lol Bringing back Sage Green!
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    Precision Rifle Gear ARCA rail for Larue PredatOBR?

    You do know that tOBR handguard, isn’t MLOK right?
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    Firearms AXSR in 300 Norma and 300PRC

    Bump for a very solid dude
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    Precision Rifle Gear ARCA rail for Larue PredatOBR?
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    Accuracy International AT-X

    Checkout Sawtooth Rifles MBR. They’ll have a small batch in stock, end of next week. With a larger batch going out for anodizing. Yes, they ship to Canada.
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    Rifle Scopes Tangent Theta 7-35

    This is why I use 40moa instead of 50moa for my TT setups (look at pic below). FOV goes to s*. Turns into an oval shape. I did 50moa early on, was able to get several rifles to zero at 100y no issue. But the oval was annoying. So I went back to 40moa
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    SOLD WTS : RRS Anvil30 with Series 2 Adapter

    Looking to sell a good condition Anvil30 (no arc) with series 2 adapter. Has a good nick as shown in pics. Besides that. It’s good to go. Payment via PayPal F&F or Venmo ***SOLD***
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    Accuracy International Picture Thread

    Lol. So how are you gripping the rifle when you carry it? I just picked up my obese 6.5PRC setup. And the only issue I saw when trying to carry that fat b* with 1 hand was, when I tried to have my whole palm underneath the dovetail plate. How I carry it, is with my palm on the side of the...
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    Accuracy International Picture Thread

    Comp guys where taking the plastic forend grip/ RRS plate from the AX/ AXMC/ AICS AX, to have a 'flatter' surface of contact (with forend), when rifle was placed on a bag while shooting off a prop. The Sawtooth dovetail is able blend in, while still giving guys a tripod mounting point...
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    Accessories SPF... AI Competition Trigger NIP

    Yes it will. Only the ASR/ AXSR have a different housing.
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    Sako TRG M10

    Hit up Matt at Sawtooth Rifles. He will need that forend though.