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    308 dies

    I'll take it
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    WTB solid intermediate 6.5cm setup...

    Looking for a good 6.5 CM setup to get a new shooter competing into the sport. He's experienced on the mil side of the house and now wants to compete so we're trying to conservatively "buy once cry once" Looking for a 6.5 CM (going to shoot factory for now) Preferably a budget custom action...
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    WTB vector action

    Pm inbound
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    SOLD-Kahles 624i SKMR reticle w/Spuhr mount + acc.

    Free Bump for an awesome deal
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    SOLD - Impact .223 bolt, barrel and MDT mags.

    If you're interested in selling, I'd take the magazines. Thanks
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    Accurate Ordnance closing its doors......

    Need help here... Does anyone have a good line of connection to get ahold of Mark? Thanks in advance
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    WTT 175grn Nosler RDF for 168grn SMK SOLD

    Looking to sell them out right?
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    Powder, projectiles and 308 cases

    Completely my fault. I misinterpreted things. Brass still for sale as of now, @Shaun755 is a solid dude! Apologies
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    Powder, projectiles and 308 cases

    Has the .308 lapua brass sold??if not I'll take it
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    WTB/WTT for SPUHR sp 4003B or sp 4603B for NF BEAST

    I'm a fan of spuhr mounts and I recently acquired a BEAST so I'm going to be in need of a mount for it... I have plenty of things to trade including other spuhrs. I'll gladly buy the mount though as well. All offers welcome Appreciate it
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    WTB rcbs chargemaster

    Title says it. I need to add another one or two.. loading on my dillon 650 now. Hopefully has the reduced insert (or 2, I need another one lol) Let me know what you have, appreciate it!