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    ISO- Springfield TRP 1911 full rail

    I have one of the first series. Message me
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    WTB Winchester 9422 Rifle with the wintuff stock

    I have an older 9422 that’s beautiful.
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    PWS Summit 22LR Tab action

    back up for sale after buyer backed out.
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    Warning Crux Suppressors

    mine is still GTG. just picked it up and it hasn't had any issues yet. next test is to put it on a gun and fire it. I am just happy it showed up with baffles!
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    Found one thanks!

    i have a JM 1895 RMEF edition SS with the grey laminate stock if you are interested. its unfired. 45/70
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    Colt National Match pre Series 70

    More pics available. TTT
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    PWS Summit 22LR Tab action

    Bump for non tire kickers.
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    Warning Crux Suppressors

    Well. Hmmm. I just got my stamp for my archneo and picked it up. I am almost afraid to shoot it. I like local companies and why I bought the crux instead of another tbac. 13 month wait for this shit! Hmmm.
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    Vortex fury hd 10x42 new

    Sold and delivered