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    Firearms LMT MARS 556 stripped lower

    trade pending
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    Firearms LMT MARS 556 stripped lower

    LMT MARS (full ambi) stripped lower, stripped in this case is sans any parts that are not related to the ambidextrous functions. This is how it comes from LMT so it is not completed as a 'rifle' I assembled it with the SBA3 'pistol' configuration but I use a full MARS rifle build more and am...
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    AR15 22LR dedicated upper M4A1 'clone'

    Had some spare time and wanted to have some fun. Owned this for a few years, been through a few different hand guards, and a few thousand rounds. tossed the bolt parts in SS tumbling media and hit the action rails with buffer wheel, its pretty slick and with Slip 2000 runs jam free for at least...
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    Ruger MKIV 22/45 baseplates

    6x convert old MKiii mags to use with the new MKIV 22/25 grip frame $30 shipped
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    Noveske gen 2 lower (virgin)

    Noveske gen 2, like new. Bought as stripped, selling as stripped. $209 shipped, no trades unless it’s a silencershop tax stamp gift card
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    Vortex 10x50 recon spotter (w/ reticle)

    Used but not abused, comes with everything as if new because I’m one of those freaks that keeps the box... The adhesive keeping the rubber on the adjustment ring on gave up recently, it still works and Vortex would probably fix it but I’ve barely noticed it’s gone. Asking $300 pp/ff + venmo
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    20” heavy 223 wylde upper *complete*

    digging this up, still available, price dropped again